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Holy Bible: King James VersionCompanion Bible: King James Version, Burgandy, IndexedThe King James Study BibleKing James Bible: 400th Anniversary Edition (Bible Kjv)

Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible: King James Version, Wider Margins (Key Word Study Bibles)The Old Scofield Study Bible: King James Version, Standard EditionThe Scofield® Study Bible III, KJVKJV Full Life Study Bible

The Holy Bible: King James version / The Pennyroyal Caxton BibleProphecy Study BibleFamily Altar EditionThe Holy Bible: Illuminated Family Edition

Bibles’ Descriptions:

1. – Holy Bible: King James Version…
MULTI-PURPOSE, ECONOMICAL PAPERBACK- Simply a good-quality, low-cost Bible. Suitable for a wide variety of purposes, at home, in church or in outreach ministry. An exceptional value for money — This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
– Hardcover: 1124 pages
– Publisher: American Bible Society (June 1, 1980)
– Language: English
– ISBN-10: 1585161519
– ISBN-13: 978-1585161515
– Product Dimensions: 8 x 5.4 x 1.3 inches

2. – Companion Bible: King James Version, Burgundy, Indexed…
A study Bible. (Kristofer Upjohn Pine Bluff Commercial Newspaper )
Product Description (Notes and appendices by E. W. Bullinger) A classic one-volume study Bible in the King James Version. Helps include 198 appendices, including explanations of Hebrew words and their uses; charts; parallel passages; maps; lists of proper names; calendars; and timelines. (20040603)
– Hardcover: 2176 pages
– Publisher: Kregel Publications; Burgundy with Index edition (February 15, 1993)
– Language: English
– ISBN-10: 0825421802
– ISBN-13: 978-0825421808
– Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 6.6 x 2 inches

3. – The King James Study Bible…
The most comprehensive King James Version study Bible published in 50 years, The King James Study Bible has 2,000-plus pages packed with thousands of notes and commentaries from respected conservative scholars. It includes doctrinal footnotes, personality profiles, archaeological information, special articles, in-text maps, and more than 5,700 annotations in a unique format, offering a broad understanding of the Bible and how it relates to the world we live in today.
– Hardcover: 2208 pages
– Publisher: Thomas Nelson (February 15, 1998)
– Language: English
– ISBN-10: 0785209433
– ISBN-13: 978-0785209430
– Product Dimensions: 9.7 x 6.5 x 1.8 inches

4. – King James Bible: 400th Anniversary Edition (Bible Kjv)…
Oxford is proud to announce a limited edition of the 1611 text of the King James Bible, with real leather binding, gilt edging, ribbon marker, gift presentation plate, and protective cloth slipcase.
This is the most authoritative edition of the King James Bible available. The text of the 1611 edition differs from modern editions of the King James Version in thousands of details, and this edition is the most authentic version of the original text that has ever been published. It follows the 1611 text page-for-page and line-for-line, reproducing all misprints rather than correcting them. The volume also reprints the large body of preliminary matter, which includes genealogies, maps, and lists of readings, as well as the translator’s preface to the reader. The text features an easy-to-read modern font instead of the black-letter type of the original, with the exception of the original decorative letters and early page ornaments, which have been reproduced. The volume concludes with an essay by Renaissance Studies expert, Gordon Campbell, on the first edition of the King James Bible.
The four hundredth anniversary of the publication of the King James Bible will be a major event, with celebrations held all over the world. This beautiful Anniversary Edition will make an elegant keepsake with which to remember this event as well as a marvelous gift for anyone interested in the Bible.
– Hardcover: 1552 pages
– Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA; Reprint edition (October 26, 2010)
– Language: English
– ISBN-10: 0199557608
– ISBN-13: 978-0199557608
– Product Dimensions: 11.3 x 8.9 x 2.4 inches

5. – Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible: King James Version, Wider Margins (Key Word Study Bibles)…
There are times when a Greek or Hebrew words has a distinct meaning that seriously affects the proper interpretation of Scripture. Unless you are familiar with these languages, you will not be able to determine what word in the original text was used or the differences between these words-until now.
The Hebrew -Greek Key Word Study Bible identifies the key words of the original languages and presents clear, precise explanations of their meaning and usage. Those who love God’s Word will treasure this Bible, for it contains a hole library of biblical helps within its over.
– Hardcover: 2284 pages
– Publisher: AMG Publishers; 2 Revised edition (May 16, 2008)
– Language: English
– ISBN-10: 0899577458
– ISBN-13: 978-0899577456
– Product Dimensions: 9.2 x 7.3 x 1.8 inches

6. – The Old Scofield Study Bible: King James Version, Standard Edition…
Here’s a full-featured study Bible at an amazing price. Oxford is proud to offer this edition, which contains reflections on the Word of God that have guided believers for nearly nine decades. A convenient size and affordable price make this study Bible a real bargain. This treasured volume has been digitally reset to provide a more readable typeface without altering its pagination. Hardcover, Authorized King James Version text, Concordance, Clear readable typeface, Subject chain references, Larger trim size (6-1/2 x 9″), Same-page text helps, Complete Scofield® references, Subheadings, Revised marginal renderings, Comprehensive index, Introduction to each book of the Bible, Subject index, English equivalents for Hebrew dates, 16 pages of full color Oxford Bible Maps money weights and measures with index, and Chronologies.
– Hardcover: 1616 pages
– Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA (March 25, 1999)
– Language: English
– ISBN-10: 0195274687
– ISBN-13: 978-0195274684
– Product Dimensions: 9.3 x 6.5 x 1.4 inches

7. – The Scofield® Study Bible III, KJV…
Packed with new supplementary materials, each Scofield® Study Bible is durable and made to withstand daily use. Each volume includes a presentation page for gift giving, a full-color map section, and attractive binding in a variety of styles to suit any occasion.
This hardcover edition combines the renowned Scofield® study notes and reference system with the historic King James Version translation. Generations of Bible students have chosen the Scofield® Study Bibles for its unique study and reference features. Clean, clear text and annotations are laid out in an easy-to-read format, guiding readers to a fuller understanding of the Bible.
The Scofield® Study Bible III KJV includes cross references that link topics and words together, introductions to the various books of the Bible, a superb system of chain references, the concordance, study notes, charts and diagrams, a subject and a proper name index, and much more.
An exclusive, subject-based topical chain reference system, Over 100 boxed factual articles and lists, Expanded introductions with detailed outlines of each book, An expanded Subject index, Study not biblical references are in “chapter-and-verse” format, Side-column references are grouped by chapter and verse, Over 550 in-text definitions of proper nouns for people and place names, Nearly 70 in-text black and white maps and charts, In-text articles of nearly 250 notes crucial to understanding the Scofield®, Indexes to Proper Nouns Chain References and Subjects, 16 pages of accurate full color New Oxford Bible Maps (with index of places and natural features), Bottom-of-the-page study notes, Sectional headings, Select KJV Concordance, and Red Letter.
– Hardcover: 2016 pages
– Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA (October 9, 2003)
– Language: English
– ISBN-10: 019527850X
– ISBN-13: 978-0195278507
– Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 6.6 x 1.7 inches

8. – KJV Full Life Study Bible…
Designed especially for Pentecostal Christians – In-text study notes provide verse-by-verse commentary – Icons highlight passages of special significance in the Pentecostal tradition.
– Hardcover: 2240 pages
– Publisher: Zondervan Publishing Company (September 1992)
– Language: English
– ISBN-10: 0310917050
– ISBN-13: 978-0310917052
– Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 6.6 x 2 inches

9. – The Holy Bible: King James version / The Pennyroyal Caxton Bible…
An acclaimed artist and former fundamentalist preacher, Barry Moser began the Pennyroyal Caxton Bible, as it’s known, about twelve years ago. He has received praise for his illustrated versions of books such as Moby Dick and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, but he approached this undertaking more carefully, with an “awe-striking” sense of reverence.
The engravings themselves, almost two hundred and fifty scattered throughout both testaments, aren’t the light and airy depictions that one might expect of biblical imagery. White-on-black, dark and frequently bleak, Moser’s collection of images lends an ominous power to much of the book’s resonance text. – Books, September/October 1999
– Hardcover: 1024 pages
– Publisher: Studio; First Trade Edition edition (October 1, 1999)
– Language: English
– ISBN-10: 0670887978
– ISBN-13: 978-0670887972
– Product Dimensions: 12.2 x 8.6 x 2 inches

10. – New King James Version – Prophecy Study Bible…
Edited by Rev. John C. Hagee, this information packed study Bible helps you discover what the Scriptures say about prophecy. Hundreds of pages of special features offer a broad understanding of prophetic themes, salvation, covenants, and questions about the Christian faith.
– Hardcover: 1792 pages
– Publisher: Thomas Nelson (March 18, 1997)
– Language: English
– ISBN-10: 0785203419
– ISBN-13: 978-0785203414
– Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 5 x 1.7 inches

11. – Family Altar Edition…
This King James Family Altar Bible will serve as a distinctive affirmation of faith to all who enter that home. This treasured centerpiece includes a family record section to document major events for generations to come. An affordable keepsake family Bible with a rich, traditional appeal.
– Hardcover: 658 pages
– Publisher: Thomas Nelson; large type edition edition (April 29, 2005)
– Language: English
– ISBN-10: 0840718853
– ISBN-13: 978-0840718853
– Product Dimensions: 11.2 x 8.3 x 2.1 inches

12. – The Holy Bible: Illuminated Family Edition…
This up-to-date version of the universally accepted text from the King James Bible will make a handsome addition to any home. The revised translation is easily accessible for the modern reader, and is based on the original King James Version, published in 1611. In the course of time, the King James Version came to be regarded as “the Authorized Version.” It has been termed “the noblest monument of English prose,” and it has come to be of central importance to Western society as no other book. Thunder Bay’s Holy Bible is beautifully appointed and illustrated with reproductions of original fifteenth-century masterpieces, highlighting Renaissance masterpieces from the period of 1430 to 1510. Almost every page of the Holy Bible has illuminated accents, with evocative drawings throughout from the Vatican Library, and an overall design inspired by the peerless Urbino Bible of 1478. The Holy Bible is complete with beautiful pages on which to lovingly record marriages, births, baptisms, confirmations, deaths, and family trees.
– Hardcover: 920 pages
– Publisher: Thunder Bay Press (August 31, 2004)
– Language: English
– ISBN-10: 1592233376
– ISBN-13: 978-1592233373
– Product Dimensions: 11.3 x 9.1 x 2 inches

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