Notes for 1st Samuel Chapter 23

Jonathan encouraged and comforted David.
1st Samuel 23:1-5
David defeated the Philistines and saved the people of Keilah.

1st Samuel 23:6-13
Saul planned to catch David inside of the city of Keilah, but God warned David, so he and his 600 men ran away.

1st Samuel 23:14-18
While David hid in the wilderness of Ziph, Jonathan came and encouraged David.

1st Samuel 23:19-25
Ziphites tried to help Saul catch David, but he ran away to the wilderness of Maon.

1st Samuel 23:26-29
Saul and David almost met each other by the rock of divisions (Selahammahlekoth).


Vladimir Yasmenko is just a dude that Loves God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Also, he reads and studies the Bible so he can know what God likes and doesn't like, that way he can please God better and at the same time be a better example for people around him. And, yes, he does fall sometimes or even lots of times, but he knows that with God's help he can get up, go on, and be clean from ALL sins. In these Bible Notes Vladimir just wants to share his opinion and knowledge on certain places in the Bible. So, that means, do Not take his opinion as a Fact, only the Holy Bible is The Fact. That is why you should read your own Bible, so you would know what is truth and why people believe what they believe.

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